Flat Plate Collector

Semi Automatic Batch Composter

The main use of this technology is in residential, commercial and residential buildings where the demand for hot water has a large impact on energy bills. Using hot water for bathing and washing purpose is both hygienic and helps in eliminating germs and bacteria. It also helps in soothing the muscles thereby improving the blood flow.

Product Highlights :

  1. Flat Plate Collectors are BIS approved and ISI marked panels.
  2. Superior Nalsun coated Cu-Cu absorber leads to absorptivity of greater than 97%.
  3. Is ideal for soft water applications and can give an expected life of 25 years provided water quality is excellent.
  4. Flat Plate Collector Solar Water Heater is sturdy in design
  5. Flat Plate collector system is ideal for pressurized supply applications
  6. Flat Plate Collector systems are made of valuables metals like copper and aluminium and have a decent resale value

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