Water softener Plant

The underground water is prone to contamination while passing through; it picks up soluble bits of substances. With the contaminants, the water becomes hard and unfit for drinking and various other applications like washing and cleaning. In addition to this, the hard water causes the built up of scale in pipes, resulting in decreased flow rate. Our Water Softener Plant in Mumbai, Nasik, Goa, Pune, Gujarat, India, is installed to completely remove the dissolved harmful minerals from water and makes it fit for drinking and other purposes.

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Advantages :

  • Automatic regeneration, Light weight & compact
  • Anti-corrosive parts, Efficiently cleanses the harmful particles
  • Low power consumption, Reduction of scales
  • User friendly, Require less space, Clogging from pipes and vessels
  • Increases the efficiency of appliances and the plumbing Systems
  • Enhances service life

  • Applications :

  • Beverage industry, Cooling towers
  • CIP Systems (Clean-in-Place Systems)
  • Industrial washing machines
  • Car washing station
  • Pharmaceutical industry, Swimming pools
  • Agriculture industry, Chemical and textile industry
  • Laundry systems, Hotels
  • Hospital, Waste water treatment systems

  • Technical Specifications :

  • Automation Grade: Automatic/Semi Automatic
  • Cleaning System: Automatic/Manual
  • Softener Tank Type: Vertical
  • Capacity (m3/hr): 1-20 KL/Hr
  • Diameter (mm): 400-2400
  • Salt (kg/resin): 16.5-1017.4
  • Hardness: Less than 5 ppm
  • Height (mm): 1250-2000
  • Resin (liters): 110-6782
  • Flow rate (m3/hr): 5.7-203.5
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